How do you repair rot on shed trim boards w/o replacing the boards?

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  • Allyn Phillips Allyn Phillips on Jun 15, 2017
    Home Depot sells an epoxy product to patch rotted wood. It's sold in the paint department with other patching products.

  • Bnsthrlnd Bnsthrlnd on Jun 16, 2017
    Rotted wood stabilizer..... smells like fingernail polish so have good ventilation. Would get pricey for a large area. It's meant for patching and it does work

  • Ken Ken on Jun 16, 2017
    I have used both the epoxy patch and the rotted wood stabilizer. Be aware that if cost is your motivator, replacing the wood will be much less expensive, less work, and better looking result.

  • Bob Onitt Bob Onitt on Jun 17, 2017
    go ahead and try the expensive products ,but get a pile of any dry sawdust fine grind is good but a dust like consistensy is easier to paint ,now get enough elmers glue and mix the two into a spreadable paste ,then apply like a bondo keep it dry ,and tacky enough,to hang on to it ,and form if you smooth with wet tools is finishes alright watch for slumping ,but the less it slumps means less sanding ,when dry you can add more to get your desired effect... if it's edges ,rotted you screw a oiled popcicle stick or paint stirer,around the damage it will give you the straight edge to work inside of, if oil doesn't work you can razor knife it off ,but for the rot clean it best you can,if not too weakened,maybe a pressure washer lightly or air hose to blow it out ,but assuming no load bearing ,it not critical ,but will stick better to clean material,take step back in time this was taught in wood shop classes in the fifties