I live in the basement and the walls have not been finished

What can I do with very little money to make them look warmer?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 15, 2016
    If you have thrifts stores in your location see if they have any pretty quilts that you can hang on the walls.Something a little different,cozy , and colorful would make your apartment look warmer.

  • Susan Ziegler Susan Ziegler on Feb 15, 2016
    paint everything a warm color but light like a peach or buttercup yellow. Keep it light though. You can paint anything and just cover it up if you decide to finish the basement. Paint is cheap.

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 15, 2016
    unfinished walls in basement....drywall in place or cinder block/ poured concrete? do they get damp? depending on you budget, and level of moisture - insulated curtains across the walls, or create a folding screen or rehab one from thrift store. there are also systems at most home improvement stores to insulate and reduce moisture for basements. may be worth saving for.

  • Anita Faye Click Anita Faye Click on Feb 15, 2016
    If block, paint, if two by fours framing try putting up material to cover unfinished walls

  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on Feb 16, 2016
    Buy some PVC water piping to stretch the areas you wish to cover. Run the pipes through bed sheets. Instead of buying brackets, you can drive some big nails at an angle on your studs that will hold the pipes. This is the absolute lowest cost you can hope for and it will look so pretty, PLUS, you can do it all by yourself. I too say keep it light.

  • Kele55 Kele55 on Feb 16, 2016
    FYI, I would not use paint, but rather a concrete stain on cinder block. Paint may peel and cause A LOT of additional work if not properly applied or if the cinder block is damp. Stain is available in most paint dept of big box stores and is tintable.

  • LD LD on Feb 16, 2016
    Since you want them to give the illusion of warmth, here's a link. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/decorate-basement-warm-welcoming-feel-53587.html

  • Mgp492027 Mgp492027 on Feb 16, 2016
    Since you don't mention problems with walls (i.e. moisture, sweating, etc.) I'd suggest buying some heavy duty double face tape, cheap single sheets (I've seen as low as $2 on sale) and attach tape at top (& bottom if needed) of walls and stick sheets up. Should look good - choice of color(s) and pattern(s) is up to you. White is a safe and brightening choice if you are missing a light source.

  • MN Mom MN Mom on Feb 17, 2016
    Put up some PVC pipe and hang either curtain panels or flat bed sheets to create a fabric wall covering. You can also thread a lighter PVC pipe through the bottom of the panels so they have a tighter more finished look

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 01, 2016
    I like the ideas above. You can also use painter's drop cloths to use as curtains.