Terms of the Trade: What is Joint Compound?

No, joint compound isn’t for those aching and creaking bones of yours. It’s for the structure of your home’s walls and ceilings—drywall.
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  • Andi hurtig Andi hurtig on Mar 09, 2014
    I saw your post on refurbishing a little round table. You used joint compound in your stencil. I love this idea! Can you give step-by-step directions and tips so I can do this too?!!
    • D.I.Yankowski D.I.Yankowski on Mar 11, 2014
      @Andi hurtig I looked around and found the article you're talking about. It is an excellent idea. I feel comfortable saying that 'cause I didn't post it. That said, joint compound it really easy to work with. Premixed in a tub it has the consistency of toothpaste. Lay out your stencil over a clean surface and spread the compound with a 2-inch putty knife. Lift the stencil before the JC is dry. If you need to you can smooth the design after it's dry with a slightly damp sponge and a light touch. You have to paint over the compound, or it will chip off. Victoria Larsen Stencils might have something to add. It was her post.