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Okay... I am back with one of my favorite DIY/crafting items of all time - Sugru! If you check my other Hometalk posts, you'll see how I created a really fun gardening caddy (using an old shovel and cake pan!) with Sugru, and how I also used it to make super fun junk pumpkins for Halloween! I've also used it to fix several household items, including my ironing board and crock pot. My dad even used it to fill in holes on his metal workbench. It is so versatile!

Today, I am going to show you how to fix a garden statue. After a long, cold winter, I found that my sweet bunny had lost part of its ear to a fallen branch.

I could not find the piece anywhere in the yard, and decided that I would try to fashion a new ear instead. I happened to already have some gray Sugru on hand (it came in a variety packet of 8, which costs about $17).

Sugru has a play-doh texture, and you can take about 30 minutes to shape it before it dries. I used two packets for this fix.

First, I warmed it up by squishing it between my fingers. Then, I pushed it onto the bunny's ear and began to shape it. Here's a quick video of that process (I think you might have to watch a short ad first):

It only took me a few minutes to get the shape I wanted. I used a little water on my fingers as I went, to smooth and shape the Sugru. Then, I needed to add texture so that it would match the rest of the bunny. I happned to be wearing a finely knit sweater, so I pulled it over my finger and gently pressed into the Sugru.

When I was done, it looked like this:

After it dried (24 hours later), my next step was to get a tiny bit of white paint on a rag, and rub it over the Sugru. I hoped that this would blend the colors together.

I am pretty happy with the result, what do you think? Here is a pic of my bunny, all fixed. I used him as part of a photo shoot that I did for this beautiful bag company, Florence and Bird:

You'd never know he had a missing ear!

What would you fix with Sugru?! It's a great way to save money and save pieces from going into the landfill!

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Happy fixing!! :)



Suggested materials:

  • Sugru   (online)
  • White paing   (craft store)

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  • Turtle Turtle on May 28, 2021

    How does your sugary fare down the line? Mine didn’t work for fixing and didn’t last in the packets. I wonder if I got an old or bad batch.

  • Rita Hitechew Rita Hitechew on Jun 01, 2021

    Can you paint the Sugru? I know it comes in several colors but what if you need a color they do not have?

  • Ardale Ardale on Jun 05, 2021

    I too have never heard of this product but can see how handy if would be when you need to fix something. Does it hold up being outside? Where can you buy this Sugru product? You did a great job restoring your cute bunny! No body would know if you didn't tell them.


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