Getting Creative With New LED Lighting At Home

Nine illuminating ways to use LED lighting in a creative way around the home. Brings your decoration bang up to date and gives your home a designer look in every room.
Led lighting is the current on-trend lighting system for modern houses. Energy efficient and cool to run, they beautify your home and save you money at the same time.
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Below are some interior design ideas that should give you lots of ideas on how you can incorporate LED lights into everyday situations. Creating a welcoming and interesting ambiance in your home, has never been easier or cheaper now that LED drives on sale from Visible Lighting.
Track Lights
Track lights are a stylish way to incorporate LED lighting into a decor scheme. Fitted flush to the ceiling, they don't intrude into the room yet provide many different configurations for lighting either the whole room or for creating accents.
Coloured Lights
Did you think LED lights were just bright white? Not any more, now you can get LEDs in many different colours, and the white isn't as harsh as you may remember it. Soft lighting is also possible with the new generation of LED bulbs.
Wardrobe Lights
Here is a novel idea. Put lights inside your wardrobe, ready to illuminate your outfits for easy selection. You could either highlight the whole interior or simply pick out hard to see or especially dark areas. Fitted to the underside of shelves, they shine down on the shelf below, creating a luxury effect.
Shelf Accents
In a similar way, use LED lights to show off your favourite crystal, glass or silver collections by fitting accent lighting inside shelving units. They create a lovely focal point in an otherwise dimly lit room.
Recessed Lighting
Popular in kitchens, recessed lighting creates pin points of light on the ceiling. It is an interesting effect in its own right, that also gives the chance to direct light just where needed, which is one reason why it is ideal for kitchens.
Shower Lighting
Motion sensor lighting is great for shower or wet rooms. No more fiddling with light switches or dangerous light fittings where it is wet. The lights shut off after a certain time of no motion being detected, making them very energy efficient. Also great where kids constantly forget to turn off the light behind them.
Unexpected Features
The versatility of LED lights, and the fact that they don't burn hot like normal bulbs, means you can fit them in places you wouldn't normally expect to see light. How about fitting on the wall beneath the sofa back? It will highlight the furniture, but also cast light upwards against the wall, picking out pictures or photographs you may have displayed there.
Kitchen Plinth Lights
We are used to seeing lighting beneath wall cabinets in the kitchen, but why not go one step further with the addition of plinth lights that run at floor level? This creates a really interesting designer look in the kitchen, and is a great addition to modern, high tech kitchens which then seem to take on a space age look.
Alcove Lights
LED lights are brilliant when it comes to adding interest to dark corners or alcoves. Use them in recesses on either side of a chimney breast or in feature alcoves where you would display decorative or commemorative items.

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