Asked on Sep 03, 2017

2 of my electric outlets have pulled out of the wall!

How can i safely fix?

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  • Izzy Izzy on Sep 04, 2017

    Go the panel box and flip the breaker to that area. Remove the screws in the socket box to remove socket (plug in) and reattach outlet to wall.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 04, 2017

    Turn off the power, test the outlet. Here's a good video....

  • Sue28039999 Sue28039999 on Sep 04, 2017

    Not an electrician but I've done this before.

    If your electrical breakers are not clearly and accurately marked, you'll need to determine which breaker(s) serves each of those outlets.

    Plug in a radio or other audio equipment with the volume up enough for you to hear it from the breaker box.

    Flip each breaker off then back on until you determine which one turns off the radio and leave that breaker off while you check and work on the outlet.

    Remove the outlet cover and take a close look to see what is loose.

    Is it the outlet cover only? If so, check to see if it is broken or if the screw is loose or missing. You may need to buy a replacement.

    Is it the box itself -- the one attached to the studs? If so, you'll probably need to call in a pro and very likely will end up needing wall repair.

    Is it just the screws that attach the outlet (to which you plug in the cord) to the box (the one attached to a stud)? It should have four screws that attach it to the box attached to the stud. If they're loose, tighten them, if they're missing, you may be able to replace just the screws; if not, you may need to replace the outlet itself.

    If you need to replace the outlet, you should have the replacement in hand before removing the old one. The wires will be color coded and you will need to note which color of wire attaches to the outlet where -- draw it and write it down because it matters. Then loosen the screws remove the outlet from the wires. Then reattach the same wires to the same places on the new outlet securely. Then, with four screws, attach the new outlet to the box attached to the stud. Then replace the cover with the center screw. Then and only then you can flip the breaker back on. Never try to work on any electrical items with the electrical current on.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Sep 04, 2017

    Call an electrician for this one, don't try to do this yourself, it's not safe. You could also start a fire in the walls. Good Luck!

  • Ohiorn Ohiorn on Sep 04, 2017

    Since you are asking if you can repair, I'm assuming you don't have electrical experience. Have someone else in the house to help determine which breaker operates what part of your house. Label the breakers, it makes it easier to determine where the problem might be