Can’t unscrew light bulb to replace in my older oven

Ruth Fullerton
by Ruth Fullerton
GE stove. Model JCBP65D M2WW

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  • Eileen Eileen on Nov 04, 2017

    Unplug it and if bulb is present break it. Have newspaper or paper bag under it To catch glass. You could even put paper tape, masking tape ect so pieces don’t go flying. Did you put on goggles and rubber gloves? Use a pincher plyer to fold metal part in ward and attempt to unscrew. If stove is so old socket may need to be replaced. Talk to some one at Lowe’s or Home Depot if this doesn’t work. Eileen

  • Ann Buck Ann Buck on Nov 04, 2017

    I had the same problem try wearing a rubber glove to get a better grip.

  • UTAHGAL UTAHGAL on Nov 04, 2017

    use a cut potato to unscrew light bulb

  • Roy Roy on Nov 08, 2023

    I couldn’t unscrew my oven light cover so I sprayed WD40 around the edge of the glass cover, left it 24 hours then washed the bulb cover with soapy water, then used a rubber glove and it unscrewed, I cleaned the oven replaced the lightbulb

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Nov 08, 2023

    You could contact GE and ask how to handle this, you have the model number ready, see what they suggest.

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 08, 2023

    Hi Ruth, hope this helps you. First thing UNPLUG the oven or switch off breaker

    Unplug the oven or shut off the power completely using the electrical breaker/fuse box


    Put on a pair of protective gloves in case you have to handle any broken glass

    Remove the oven light bulb cover (refer to your oven manufacturer’s guide to see exactly how to remove the cover) If the oven light bulb glass has broken into pieces, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all broken glass from the light bulb holder

    Using either your hands or pliers, gently remove the broken light bulb from the socket Insert the new oven light bulb into the socket and replace the light bulb cover Plug the oven back in, or turn on the power at the breaker/fuse box. Job done

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 08, 2023

    Call in a Domestic appliance repair person as they will have all the equipment to hand.

  • Dee Dee on Nov 10, 2023

    Wear gloves and nsert a needle nose pliers into the base of the bulb and open them as wide as you can. The tips of the needle nose pliers should be touching opposite sides of the base of the bulb. Hold the pliers open and turn them counter-clockwise and the base of the bulb should begin to unscrew.