Garage door repair

How hard is it to replace the top2 sections of a rolling garage door
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  • William William on Jun 16, 2017
    The panels have to match the door that you have or they will not fit/seal properly. You would need to release the tension on the springs. Kind of dangerous for anyone who has never done this. The cables to the springs need to be removed. The garage door opener bracket/track needs to be removed from the top panel. The panels need to be braced so as not to fall off. The rollers would need to be removed as well as the hinges. One panel at a time. Then the panels can be removed. Replacing is the reverse. Easy for anyone with some garage door experience/knowledge.

  • Mecca Foust Mecca Foust on Jun 17, 2017
    Please have someone assist you with this as the panels have to be placed evenly when replacing them. This in my opinion is a 2 man job.

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 17, 2017
    We did this years ago when the bottom panel of our door rotted. The whole door had to be disassembled to get to the bottom panel. Then, when the new panel was in place, the other panels had to be replaced in the tracks and re-fastened to each other.

    It wasn't impossible, but it was a fairly tough day's work, and as William and Mecca said, you must be careful and you must have a helper.

    I would get a couple of estimates on a new door, just to know whether your plan is worthwhile. When we finally did replace the door, it was not nearly as expensive as we expected, and the job was done very quickly.

  • Phoebe Estes Sellers Phoebe Estes Sellers on Jun 17, 2017
    I would get the garage door place to do repair. If you mess up, you could be out cost of an entire door.