Safety Tips! Warning Signs of Faulty Wiring in Every House

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Most of us are likely to take electricity for granted and we tend to rely on it heavily on a daily basis, until something suddenly goes wrong and we’re left in the dark. Electrical problems must not be neglected, as they can result in more than just a blackout. There can be damage and safety hazards as well. According to statistics, more than 50000 house fires each year are the result of electrical malfunctions and many of them could have been prevented if attended to in time.

Most districts require an inspection only when you modify a system during renovation, but as prevention, it’s advisable to have a professional examine the whole system every ten years.

In the meantime, knowing the typical symptoms of an electrical problem can help you do the necessary repairs or if it gets too serious and dangerous, call the professionals in time.
Circuit breaker problems

Circuit breakers are designed to switch off power automatically when the system becomes overloaded . When it shuts off the power supply, it prevents the further overheating of wires and potential fires. Occasional trips are usually not an indication of a serious problem, and this can easily be fixed by plugging the appliance in question into a different circuit. However, if this becomes a frequent occurrence, you need to consult a professional, since electrical panels require professional skills and knowledge. Even if you shut off the main breaker, the panel still receives power, so there is still a danger of electric shock.
Flickering lights

Another sign of an electrical issue are buzzing, flickering or dimming lights. This problem is rarely caused by the light fixture itself, as it doesn’t draw a large amount of power. The problem is more likely linked to larger home appliances that are wired to the same circuit. Heating/cooling appliances and washing machines are major power consumers and they can draw the power away from the lights, dimming them or causing them to flicker. The solution can be moving the lights to a different circuit or installing additional power lines for the large appliances.
Hot power outlets

A sure sign of faulty wiring and possible damage is seeing scorch marks on power outlets. Even if an appliance is designed to produce heat, such as a toaster and room heater, its power outlet must remain cool. A switch plate can be slightly warm when you touch it, but if the outlet burns your fingers, it’s a sure sign of wires overheating. Unplug the appliance immediately and since this can mean your house is under risk of fire, contact a reliable professional such as a trusted emergency electrician in Sydney , who is available 24 hours a day and will take care of your problem quickly and efficiently.
A burning smell or sparking

Another clear sign of faulty wiring is if you notice a charring or burning smell coming out of your outlets. Immediately turn off and unplug any appliance connected to it. This is a security issue as it can mean that a fire has broken out somewhere inside the wiring. Do not use the outlet until you’ve had it checked and examined by a qualified electrician.

Occasional outlet sparks happen upon the first plugging in of a new appliance and it’s not very unusual. However, bigger and more frequent sparking is a sure sign that there’s a problem either in the outlet or in the circuit. If it’s just a sparking appliance, it’s easily fixed by calling in a repair person who will cost you less than a licenced electrician. And if it’s a brand new appliance, your costs will be down to zero since it’s still under warranty. However, if an outlet, fuse box or breaker panel is sparking, call the electrician as soon as possible.

Electrical issues are not a thing to be ignored or taken for granted. With the staggering numbers in national statistics worldwide regarding fires caused by faulty wiring, it’s imperative you take all the necessary steps to repair and update your home’s electrical system. It might only take minor updates and repairs, but even if you need to completely rewire your entire home and replace the electrical panel, it’s well worth it as it means you’ll keep your home and family safe.

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