How can I remove ornamental scrollwork from dresser drawers?

Teri Sweeney
by Teri Sweeney
No screws or nails, so it must be glued on.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 20, 2017

    I would gently go around the piece with a paint scraper until it lifts up.

  • Fix It Jen Fix It Jen on Aug 20, 2017

    If it's solidly glued, you might try a chisel. I'd try to part it a bit higher than level, so you could later sand the last bit down and not end up denting your surface.

  • Beth Stern Beth Stern on Aug 21, 2017

    You could use a heat gun to melt the glue but be careful they get really hot. You dont want to burn it or set it on fire.

  • Ardale Ardale on Aug 21, 2017

    Are you sure it's an applique and not hand carved???

  • Sally Sally on Aug 21, 2017

    Use a hair dryer its not as hot as a heat gun..It just might loosen the glue so you can pry it off.

  • Diana Brewer Diana Brewer on Aug 23, 2017

    Try taking a Qtip and either acetone (nail polish remover) or paint remover,and a paint scraper to try to lift it a little at a time as you put the remover around it with a Qtip.Like Ardel above said,Are you sure it's not handcarved on? If it is,you have an older piece on your hands worth restoring.

    Hope this helps!