How do I flatten a piece of warped wood from an antique chest?

Valerie Wisch
by Valerie Wisch
I have an old chest where the top lifts up. That piece is warped. I would like to know how to flatten it.
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  • William William on Jul 25, 2016
    Checked online, my woodworking sources, and my experience of 20+ years of woodworking. Once wood has warped it is not worth the trouble of trying to straighten it out. Wood has tight and loose grain. when wood gets wet, then dries, the tight grain pulls against the loose grain causing the wood to warp. Heavily wetting or steaming the wood, weighing it down against the warp will solve the warp temporarily, but it will come back. If the warp isn't too bad and even, you could try wetting the warped side, weigh it down against the warp and screw in boards on the underside to try to keep it straight. Otherwise its easier just to replace the the top.
    • Valerie Wisch Valerie Wisch on Jul 25, 2016
      I was thinking of wetting the wood and weighing it down. Thanks for the idea of adding the supports to keep it streight.
  • Moe Moe on Jul 25, 2016
    I removed a warped wood slat from my backyard privacy fence two days ago. I intended to replace it but this morning when I looked at it, I found it completely flat. I had left it out on the cement patio, guess it fixed itself ! I nailed it back up and it's fine.