How do I put springs back into a chair?

How do I put springs back into a chair

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  • Darla Darla on Jan 22, 2019

    Depends on how the chair was constructed, what type of springs you are dealing with and what shape the current spring form is in.

    The couple I have done had maple wood frames installed inside the frame of the chairs and the clips at the end of the s shaped springs had come out of the wood due to use. These were old chairs and the maple wood was really hard and not in bad shape so I drilled new holes slightly to the side of the originals and put the springs and clips back in them. I also wove heavy duty canvas strips between the springs (both sideways and front to back) and stapled it to the frame to distribute some of the weight and add strength to the spring support.

    They have held up well doing it that way but if your frame for the springs is in really bad shape you may have to remove and replace it with new hard wood then attach your springs back to that.