How do you add fluff to a saggy cushion couch

I have a couch that does not have a zipper and the cushions are attached but i need to add filling and maybe more support under the cushions. Do you think I can somehow cut the cushions out or somehow add what I am looking for? Just where you sit is not real comfortable, its loosing its oomph. Any suggestions? Oh and I am on a very tight budget.


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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 19, 2018
    If you’re adventurous this sofa sag condition can be addressed.
    We’ve rehabilitated our Natuzzi by flipping the couch over on its side removing the bottom thin black fabric (the dust cover) and addressing the interior structure. We ended up putting a piece of wood to support the inside the frame to help correct the seat from sagging, or if needed extra foam filling could be applied as well -if needed.

    • OlyGal OlyGal on Jun 20, 2018
      Hi Vimarhonor -
      I also have a Natuzzi couch that is sagging and was thinking about taking it apart to add more structure, possibly more wood support. I would really appreciate it if you could give more detailed instructions on what type of wood you used, and specifically how you got it in there. Thanks in advance!

  • Reggie Reggie on Jun 20, 2018
    If you remove the dust cover, you can staple and stretch webbing across the bottom if you do not want to add wood support.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 20, 2018
    Hello Olygal

    Our sofa was very expensive and custom ordered —it was a big relief to add the support modification. This sofa has a recline mechanism on the right side and the left side is plain fixed seating with an ottoman. It was the plain fixed seat side that sagged. I confess Im normal weight and BMI!

    In our case —this third saggy seat is removable from the other two seats, it slides up and out in a slot -locking the mechanism together. As you might guess it made making this repair easier being a smaller working area. I say this beause your interior skeleton structure may be different than mine.

    But certainly worth a look—- as this enhancement does improve both the function and look of the sofa.

    After removing the stapled dust cover we assessed the situation and initiated our repair with supplies we had on hand. We added some padding which happened to be a memory foam mattress remnant and it was placed and supported by a 1x 4 piece that we had it on hand.
    The existing interior wooden framework was measured and a length of 1x4 larger than the frame was cut and placed on top of the frame for support and this was screwed in place. It was attached to the interior existing wooden structure sideways with screws using the Dewalt screwdriver.
    The black dustcover was restapled on the bottom.

    You may or may not need additional padding. You may just need the wood support for your existing saggy cushion.

    Regular foam sometimes wrapped with batting—also makes excellent replacement filler too.

    I hope these details may help you address your situation —plmk if you have any more questions!