How can I repair swelling on wood furniture due to moisture?

A potted plant seeped moisture on the top of a painted wood bureau, there is now slight swelling where the plant is placed. The finish is intact (slight hairline cracking) it would not be noticeable it is possible to shrink the swollen area??

  2 answers
  • Have you tried using hair dryer on the area?

    • Tom Tom on Nov 03, 2019

      yes, but it didn't seem to shrink the swelling. However, I held it on the affected area only for about 5 minutes or so. Perhaps I should try again but for a longer period. Thanks

  • William William on Nov 03, 2019

    Most of the time when the wood has swelled nothing can be done. Especially if the wood is particle board. What you can try is place a cloth over the swelled wood. An iron set to medium heat and iron over the cloth pressing down firmly. If this doesn't help than its a loss.