Is there a way to replace the material on a metal patio rocking chair?


The chair is rivited together and there is no way to get the material off unless you take it all apart. Then how do you get it back together. It’s ripped at the bottom only.

q is there a way to replace the material on a metal patio rocking chair
q is there a way to replace the material on a metal patio rocking chair

This is where the rip is.

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  • Sandy Sandy on Jul 15, 2018

    Make new seat and use velcro to attach it.

    • Jana Dechiro Jana Dechiro on Jul 15, 2018
      Thanks Sandy but if you look at my picture the seat and the back are 1 piece.

  • Ruth Mattson Ruth Mattson on Jul 15, 2018

    if you dont wanna take it apart and just want to cover over existing fabric so u keep the cushion part and actually have a little more integrity you could pattern the fabric starting rectangle shape...then decide where you need to wrap aroubd or over areas and as previously stated you can use velcro (industrial so its good lol) and go that way.

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    • Ruth Mattson Ruth Mattson on Jul 15, 2018

      was also thinking you could "sling" cover it. so 1 piece of fabric goes top to bottom and around and another goes over the seat side to side and around. Which would make your seat have dbl fabric but you could decide to match or mix n match fabrics and go under or over the back sling. just another option. good luck and curious how it turns out for you.

  • Gail Gail on Jul 16, 2018

    I think I understood you to ask how to get the chair back together after taking it apart TO replace cover. In answer to that part of the question, using the smallest drill bit closest to same size as the river STEM going thru chair metal, drill out head of rivet so that rivet can be removed. Using this technique, take chair apart. Replace cover however you choose.

    To put chair back together, you can buy a pop rivet tool at most home improvement stores & the replacement rivets. That's one method to put chair back together.

    Alternative method to put chair back together is to get screws or bolts & nuts with lock washers (separate lock washers & nuts or the 1-PC lock washer & nut combo in 1 piece) either will work. Get size bolt or screw that best fits holes in metal pieces. Using this method will make it easier should you ever decide to recover the chairs agai in the future.

    Hope this helps you take the chairs apart & put them back together.

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    • Gail Gail on Jul 17, 2018

      I will be waiting to see it all renewed & looking great!