My dresser is made of Sandle wood it has is laminated-can I remove it?

can the lamination be removed, can I paint sandle wood

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  • Laminate can be removed, but it may not be necessary. If it's in good shape, with no bubbles, you should be able to paint right over it.

  • Patty Dell'Anno Patty Dell'Anno on Dec 26, 2017
    If you paint over it get a primer that is recommended to be used over laminate. IKEA recommends a brand for their furniture that begins with a Z. Something like Zinzer. Sometimes when you try to pull off laminate the partical board underneath comes off to. So be careful if you do that.

  • Patti Cook Mullinax Patti Cook Mullinax on Dec 27, 2017
    I have painted over laminate with good results.- with both the Z primer and without. For a piece of furniture that will heavy use like bedroom, I would recommend the primer. Also, General Finishes makes a milk paint that they recommend for laminate. I had an old china cabinet that was nice wood but had an ugly, faded laminated top. I painted the wood and used a General Finishes gel stain on the top (Java- which turned out dark espresso) with really good results. It's been less than a year, but I've had no chipping or cracking--- and NO one believes that it's anything other than a beautiful piece of wood. HOWEVER, General Finishes does not recommend this use for their gel stain. Nevertheless, I did it and am amazed with how good it looks! Good luck!