Small tear in vintage upholstery

I've a splendid brown velvet club chair from the Thirties whose upholstery has a single small tear, one I'd love to know how to repair much less keep from getting bigger. No response from the two upholstery forums I've asked so will hope to hear from our wonderful Pinterest community. Thank you.

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  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 15, 2018
    can u get the fabric off the chair? if so, then you can use a iron on patch on the back. and then reattach.

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    • Mirilla Mirilla on Jun 15, 2018
      Wonder if my reply just now did not go through. Simply want to thank you for the suggestion, even as I am afraid it won't work.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jun 15, 2018
    Is there any 'spare' fabric somewhere it doesn't show, such as on the bottom, or under the frame? With sharp scissors, cut a wee piece, then with tweezers you can carefully re-glue the bits into the tear to try to fill it in. When the glue is dry then fluff up the fibres so they blend the old in with the new.

    • Mirilla Mirilla on Jun 15, 2018
      Thank you for the fulsome effort but in this case I can't think I could get that to work. Much appreciate your response.

    • Mirilla Mirilla on Jun 16, 2018
      Thank you for the link! How did I miss it when I first searched on my own?! :(

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jun 16, 2018
    Oh, the picture of your chair has now just come through. I see now that the 'small tear' is not a narrow rip as I had envisioned, but rather it is a tear due to the fabric worn thin.
    The fibres on the front have worn down, and the backing has weakened, and is beginning to pull apart. Other parts of the upholstery are also showing this same wear due simply to age. There is no way to prevent further disintegration that I know of. You could of course go with slip covers for a temporary disguise, but then the chair would not have the same look.
    If the chair's frame is still solid and the chair's integrity is otherwise intact, it may be worth the expense to have it reupholstered.

    • Mirilla Mirilla on Jun 16, 2018
      Thank you again, Flipturn. It would seem my goal simply will be to keep everyone and everything off of it, which shouldn't be all that hard to do as I'm a single woman with but a bunch of well-trained rescued dogs. Really appreciate your counsel.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 16, 2018
    thanks for the picture. Now I see the problem. not really much you can do other than make some arm covers.

  • Emily Emily on Jun 16, 2018
    that is a terrific demonstration. Hope it works for you!

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jun 16, 2018
    You're welcome.