What can I do with a damaged butcher block counter top on a budget?

Margie Linabury
by Margie Linabury
We are in a lovely rental home. The owners put in a butcher block counter top and our kitchen is very limited in working surface space. Needless to say the counter top has not been very practical as it requires a lot of maintenance. There is water damage on one end and some small amount of warping because it is a free floating edge (no cabinet underneath). This is the end we use for our dish drying drainer (no dishwasher lol) Not the brightest idea but that's the way we function without a dish washer. The owners are very sweet and flexible as we have done many things that have improved the home at our own expense. I wish they had left the vintage counter tops so I wouldn't have to be concerned about the wear and tear. I have considered trying a concrete coating but not sure how that would pan out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ps. I have to do this as budget conscious as I can as it is a rental.

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