What's a good finish to use on my round oak table top?


I've had an unfinished oak table for over 30 years (photo isn't mine) and have always kept a table cloth on it. The pedestal base was finished way back when with tung oil. (Why the top is unfinished is a long story.) I have cats who have sat on the table over the years and have occasionally spit up on the cloth and that went thru to the unfinished table top before I started using a vinyl cloth to protect the it. I've bought a clear glass top for the table and now plan to sand the surface to remove the spots, put a suitable finish on it and then put the glass on top. I had planned to finish the top with tung oil but that would mean keeping the cats away from it for 2-3 days during the drying process. So, I'd rather use something much faster drying for the top that will blend in color with the tung oil. I thought about painting it but I like the oak look. What can you furniture finishers suggest that would look nice and dry quickly? Since the glass will sit on the top, whatever I use doesn't have to have protective qualities.

q what s a good finish to use on my round oak table top
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