Re-covering a Footstool Cushion

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So my last post was the footstool I re covered now I’ve covered the cushion that goes on top of it!!!

no need for stitching!!!

Just an iron and glue gun!!!


Here’s what I used the same as the foot stool

Iron it & fold down a hem with the iron so you have a straight edge!!!

Put it on a flat surface and put the cushion on it & fold the sides onto the back of it - my mam wanted me to leave it like this as she said she won’t be using the cushion!!!

but there’s no way I could leave this

so I got another piece of fabric and placed it under the first one

Then this was what it looked like!!

once I was happy with the way it was sitting I used a glue gun & glued down the sides

Next step...

Wrap it like your wrapping a box

Fold the sides & glue into place

Then fold and glue up the last piece

The other side

Flip it around to the other side!!!!

and repeat the same steps!

fold & glue!!!!

Close up of it folded and glued

Taaaaa daaaa

And turn it over and there’s your cushion for the top of your foot stool!!!!

Here it is on the foot stool!!!

And the other sidebars of the foot stool!

my mam is delighted with how well it’s turned out she doesn’t want to mess it and use it now  she’s got it as display in her sitting room!

Suggested materials:

  • Left over fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Iron
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  • Jeanna Patterson Jeanna Patterson on Nov 03, 2020

    A good friend of ours owns a couple Pubs and he had me reupholster 6 long booth seats. I used similiar method. However I used leather and could not glue, so I had to use a staple gun. But the leather is stretching out a bit so it is not taunt any longer. There are so many staples. I mean the benches are 7 feet long and there are 6 if them. HELP

  • Leeanne Leeanne on Nov 03, 2020

    could you maybe get some gold studded nails ?? To go all along!!