Concrete Driveway Question?

Hi Everyone,
How much do you think it might cost to replace this concrete driveway? I would hire a contractor to do the work.
Or, do you think patching it is a better option?

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  • Leslie D Leslie D on Jul 13, 2012
    I'm only talking about using temp/day labor for demo and initial digging to loosen dirt. Make sure you use a concrete contractor for final prep and forming to assure proper slope, finish. Labor Max is basically unskilled or slightly skilled workers, great for the back-breaking work, but you will want someone who who knows what they are doing for the actual concrete prep, forming, pour and finish. Getting rid of the demo'd concrete could be an issue, too. It's not like the bed of your truck will hold and haul that away, and many container rental places exclude concrete from materials they handle, so make sure you rent a container specifically for that purpose.

  • Peggy Davis Peggy Davis on Feb 16, 2015
    I can't help but notice the retaining wall on the right side of the picture is unstable. I would put much money into the driveway before I fixed the wall. JMO