Eye sore - concrete patio wall -

I am going to resurface with skim coat & textured mural. i know the cleaning prep part and how to fill the holes.. but I can't seem to find info about whether the cement wall has to be wet first, too ensure the new coat adheres properly.
Yuk!! This have gotta change --

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  • Leslie D Leslie D on Jul 14, 2012
    Prior to repair, you will want to determine the cause of the damage. Is this damage caused by sprinkler heads from your side, water seepage from a neighbor's side of the wall, or just where a former plant was against the wall, which has been removed. You may need to look at waterproofing the surface before repairing to assure your repair is more than a temporary cover-up of a bigger issue.
  • Carol S Carol S on Jul 14, 2012
    Cause of damage is age - this wall hasn't been expose to anthing in 50 years - ( except maybe folks who thought a coat of paint was all that was needed.) It is under a roof and my garage. I will check it to see if it gets wet next time it rains - but water on the walls or patio floor.