How To Fix A Broken Fence Post And Make Your Life Easier Later!

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The west side of our backyard fence takes the brunt of bad weather coming in, as well as the large dogs of the renters who live behind us jumping on it. They're the kind of dogs that bark are not, well, trained shall we say. So Hubby Dave found three broken posts. We need to fix them as we didn't want the dogs in our yard. We also have an urban coop! Not a good idea.

Previously when we had put posts in the ground we used gravel and then a layer the concrete, standard installation. The problem was when the posts broke you have to dig out all the concrete. There's some nice post brackets you can buy now, about $30.00 each with the bolts to solve that problem!

Bolts and washers

It's a bit of an investment but once you put the post in the bracket and set it in cement, you're done. Just level and brace until it's set up. The advantages if the post itself ever breaks you simply unbolt, pop out the post and add a new post into the bracket! No more busting out concrete. So we decided to invest in three and it works great! We did re-use the fence clips on the stringer boards, since they were fine.

Dave broke out the concrete, got the new brackets on the posts, mixed the concrete, set in the holes, leveled, braced and all done! We left braced for 24 hours. The great thing is we will re-use the posts that were broken, just cut that off end and re-use the shorter ones around the garden.

All done! See more photos on my blog!!!

Visual of how it works, but we used bolts not screws. Next time a post breaks un-bolt, pop in a new post and bolt in. All done, no more breaking out concrete and having to dispose of it! Cost about $50.00 for bracket, cement and bolts per post.

Suggested materials:
  • CBSQ Galvanized Standoff Column Base for 6x6 Nominal Lumber with SDS S   (Home Depot)
  • Portland Cement   (Home Depot)
  • Pressure treated 4" x4"
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  • Shuganne Shuganne on May 25, 2021

    It looks like the post and bolts are above ground, so why couldn't I do a dry fit for the post and bolts? Then I could remove the post, set the post bracket in the cement in the ground, level it up, and attach the post tomorrow?

  • Shuganne Shuganne on May 25, 2021

    What is:

    CBSQ Galvanized Standoff Column Base for 6x6 Nominal Lumber with SDS S

    You do not refer to it at all in your writing.

    I personally don't appreciate it when writers give a very abbreviated description in their writings and then refer the reader to their blog or commercial website, especially just to get more traffic. If I am impressed by your first submission I will visit your website just to get more great information.

    Thankyou for sharing what you did. I will Google the galvanized base to learn more about it. The snowplow driver gives himself 10 extra points every time he knocks over my mailbox.

  • Leslie Leslie on May 25, 2021

    Hi, I have to replace my side and front fences and I decided to replace with pallets. These brackets were used to set the upright posts for my raised deck. Thank you for writing your tutorial. I will have to dig out the old posts but that is ok. This time I can raise the cement tubes so that they are above ground, attach the post brackets you suggest to use and keep the wood off the ground. I live in a area where termites love to eat our homes lol.

    You made me laugh when you mentioned your urban coop. My friend wants to put one in in her back yard. Why are you regretting having a coop? Bet its that dang rooster that wakes you up lol.

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  • William William on Apr 11, 2021

    Very cool. Great repair. I do have one broken post that I used a post repair you pound into the ground and screw the post to it. Not really that effective. Great share

    • Leslie Leslie on May 25, 2021

      William I used those once and they did not do well for me either I will use this way for when I have to make my new fences :). Those pound in the ground post holders were a waste of money. That's ok we learn from our mistakes. :)

  • Thanks William!