My concrete porch leaks when it rains

Shelly Hibdon
by Shelly Hibdon
What to do about 3 season floor leaks where it ties into concrete floor? My porch is built on concrete slab, and when it rains, it leaks under the framework.
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  • Maryann Hopper Maryann Hopper on Apr 03, 2016
    Try caulking around where the wood meets concrete with exterior grade silicone caulking. Or what we did was sloped cement from the porch to the cement base to stop water leaks and mice from coming in. Hope one of these helps
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Apr 03, 2016
    Maryann Hopper has good advise. Also, make sure the ground slopes away from the house. Clear away any wind blown debris that might collect water near foundation plants. If necessary, extend the drainpipe from the gutter so water flows well away from the house.
  • Janice Janice on Apr 03, 2016
    Part of the problem could be the concrete sweats. I have had this problem for years with my porch. Its the same as the garage that get clammy when it rains outside. I have caulked and sloped to no avail.