Best way to camouflage a crack in concrete

My front porch has a long crack in it. The crack is not raised. I want a cute way to camouflage and make the porch inviting without covering it with a rug. Any ideas?

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  • Ana Bacallao Ana Bacallao on Dec 23, 2017
    Perhaps you can paint a design that uses the crack as a part of it.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 23, 2017
    Colour it with a waterproof pen. Then do the same on the other side. Then start to make other lines on both sides the same until the whole step is marked up. Paint the areas with toning or contrasting colours and outline in black or brown or grey.

  • Barbara Cres Barbara Cres on Dec 23, 2017
    Use glitter looks beautiful

  • Diane Kirsch Diane Kirsch on Dec 23, 2017
    Camouflage it with Cement Crack Seal, and make designs with the rest of the tube..make it appear to be flagstone

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Feb 17, 2021

    Hi Kathleen, something a little different is to celebrate the large crack by putting mosaic tiles inside. You can grout the mosaics with an outdoor grout to seal