Flooding in kitchen when it rains.

by Tanya
Hi I'm hoping to get some advice from folks out there. I bought a two story townhouse a little over a year ago and the first time it rained heavily the entire kitchen was flooded and I spent hours trying to clean it as more water came in. The HOA came and had a roofer fix the roof and I thought that was that. Next time it rained it happened again, although not nearly as much water came through. HOA sent out the roofers again and they found all the drains needed clearing. I also had a rehab construction company come and air out the walls, and also caulk around the windows and door on that side of the townhouse. Again i thought good to go. Yesterday it rained heavily and I found a pool of water in the kitchen near the door, one of the same places as before, and also moisture around the base boards where water had previously come in. Thankfully not nearly as much but I need some advice from anyone out there. The door was caulked as well and there is no water on the door anywhere, just the floor. Is it likely that they just didn't fix the roof properly and there is some small place where the water is still getting in? It takes a few hours of rain before the water comes in so it seems like it is accumulating up top and then when there is enough it comes through the walls and out the bottom of the baseboards. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Hire a structural engineer and let the HOA pay for it. I would also start looking for a good construction defect attorney. Any money you paid out of pocket should be reimbursed. It is a frustrating experience an you should not have to live like this. Since it is just over a year, my guess this was occurring during the previous owners residency and failed to disclose it. AGAINST THE LAW. I would go after them, and their realtor too. No one wants to get involved in lengthy legal battles, but this scenario warrants that course of action.

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    • Great! So sorry this happened to you. Keep us posted if you need anything.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Mar 11, 2018

    Rain could be seeping into the attic via a roof valley or from around a chimney which has not be sealed outside properly. The water will follow the rafters down to its lowest point. If you can get into the attic and check it out right after a rain this will tell you where the water is coming in.

    • Tanya Tanya on Mar 11, 2018

      Thanks. There is not attic and chimney though so i can rule those out.

  • Theresa Lee Theresa Lee on Mar 11, 2018

    Water can come in one place, travel, and end up somewhere else. Is there a window that is close? The HOA definitely needs to be more involved here. They are responsible for the outside and came be made responsible for interior damage due to their neglect on the outside. You may have mold starting inside your walls, rotting wood, and bugs. This 8snt something to put up with. You should hire an attorney that deals with building issues just to be safe and see what recommendations you get from the attorney. Lastly, you can call your building department, but I’d do that if the HO doesn’t fix the problem. It is in their best interest to fix the problem while it’s smaller.

    • Tanya Tanya on Mar 11, 2018

      Thanks. The HOA has sent a roofer out a number of times and they have paid for all the wall repairs and drying out of the walls because they failed to take action on the roof when I first told them about it. Thankfully they have paid for it all. This is the third time in 1 year that they will be sending out the water repair folks to open up the wall. The nearest window is on the opposite wall and there is one upstairs. There is also a sliding glass door where the water is coming in. I'm looking at those as a possibility too although I recently had those caulked just in case. I have now contacted the Realtor to go after the Sellers and their realtor as I need to find out who installed the windows and the door and see when they were installed and if there is a warranty. The HOA aren't responsible for those. There is a sliding glass door near where the water is coming in. The entire door is dry and i recently had that sealed too on the outside. The water is coming on the floor on a wall that's near the door. What's interesting is that the inside of the door is caulked but only near where the water is coming in. Looks like someone attempted to caulk the inside but only in that one spot. Proof that the previous owners were having this problem and tried to fix it on their own.

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 11, 2018

    Sounds like the downspouts aren't handling the volume of water and moving it far enough away from the building. At this point I would want them to put the downspouts into the ground using french drain. If you are at the bottom of incline/slope, I would have a french drain installed with a catch basin to prevent reflooding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUFcrm2cL1Q

    gutters.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT6ZUWXsYgQ

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    • Sharon Sharon on Mar 17, 2018

      Is there a slope/hill above your property where the water comes in?

  • Janice Janice on Mar 11, 2018

    If you still have the paperwork from when you purchased the town home, please check your Inspection Report. It sounds as if this was an existing, reoccurring problem that should have been noted on the Disclosure papers. If it was not disclosed and should have been and you can prove it, you need to make your Realtor and possibly an attorney aware, to get this resolved. Now that you have had the flooding, were you to sell, you'd be expected to disclose to a new buyer, so it is to your benefit to get the problem resoled quickly. DO NOT give up on getting the situation handled as quickly as possible for both the environmental concerns you have but also your financial well-being right now and in the future. Your Realtor should become involved, even though it was a year ago sale. The previous owner may be financially liable for not disclosing OR the Home Inspector (if you had one) needs to step up, if neither do, the Realtor at best should know not to have THAT inspector for future inspections on properties they are involved in. Good luck to you....this sounds like a nightmare no one should have to be subjected to. Sorry for your problems.....

    • Tanya Tanya on Mar 11, 2018

      Thanks I appreciate your advice. I have been working with the Realtor since this all happened and he put me onto a good attorney. We looked over the disclosures and the sellers did not disclose any of this and I do have photos that showed there was an attempt to fix a water problem. The home inspector i'm going after also because he should have picked up on the issues and the home caulking jobs that were done. My realtor already told me he has stopped using inspector because of deficiencies with other properties that were inspected. this is not going to be fun but I have been dealing with this since December of 2016 and I've had enough

  • Theresa Lee Theresa Lee on Mar 11, 2018

    Interesting about the caulk. You have to make sure that the water isn’t getting in, so the outside needs to be watertight. If you are responsible for the door, you might 2ant to contact a door company and have them check it out. They may need to remove trim but should be able to tell if that’s the problem. If you have a window above, there is a possibility that it’s coming in there, traveling down, and coming out next to the dsliding door. Best of luck!

    • Tanya Tanya on Mar 11, 2018

      thank you. The window is on the opposite side of the wall upstairs. I had Someone come and check to see if the window was installed properly and they said it’s hard to tell

      but said it was doubtful it was the window because of the location of where the water was coming in.

  • Eil22229440 Eil22229440 on Mar 11, 2018

    If the previous owners did not reveal this before you bought, you may be able to talk to your sales person and get some recompense for hiding that info!

    A good thing is to always ask if there is ANYTHING you should be told before you close.., ask fir it in writing,

    When I bought this house 30+ years ago, my salesman asked the previous owners that in my presence. They then came clean (partially) and said the front gutters at the porch MAY leak in a rainstorm. MAY??? They flood and causea big area of MUD> Right near the front door..

    I called my salesman and he said if I really am upset, we could go to court and get the judge to either clear me of the purchase, or demand a monetary settlement. We gave that some serious thinking and decided it would be better to dig up that section of grass, level it and put concerete there. Been satisfied. I turned that area into a concrete area (abut 3X3 ft.) and put potted plants there, changing them seasonally. Not very ezxpensive. But looks nice.

  • Janice Janice on Mar 11, 2018

    Tanya, it sounds as if you are on the right track to getting this resolved. It is good that your Realtor is working with you to get it handled as well. As a former Realtor I would be so unhappy to know that I was a part of a situation like this. But now that you have started the process, just hang in there. Often, these issues take a lengthy time to deal with and the seller, seller's Realtor, HOA, etc. believe if they put up enough roadblocks, you'll just give up in frustration. Please don't let that happen. Seems you've taken the appropriate steps from the very beginning and it should get resolved in your favor. The absolute key is the falsifying the Disclosure Notice (falls back to seller). Then the Inspector probably did not do their job well either. So you are suffering the result of obvious misconduct (unlawful as well) by the seller and possibly by the Inspector. Just keep plugging away at it. There are laws in place to insure this does not happen. I wish you the best of luck in all this MESS and hope you don't have to deal with it for much longer. So sorry this happened to you! Thank you for responding to my post. I didn't realize how much you'd already done (exactly correctly) to get the solution underway. Though it may be some time, please let us know the outcome.....others may learn a lot from your eperience. Wow! since 2016. omg!

    • Tanya Tanya on Mar 11, 2018

      Thanks Janice appreciate the advice and feedback. It was Hard to know what to do when it first happened but talking to enough people

      has put me on the right track (I think) and this forum is helping too. I’ll be sure to add updates in here as I’d hate for this to happen anyone else. Coming home to an entire kitchen flooded when you just bought a new home is pretty devastating. The fact that I’m still dealing with it well over a year later is bad too. We have quite a bit of rain expected the next week or two and I’m supposed to go on travel for work for two weeks. Guess I’ll have to put down a lot of towels and try and find someone to help me out when im gone.