How do I fix footing on deck posting?

by Cora

My deck footing is cracked and need to fix/replace, how do I go about that? The corner of deck is also pulling apart because of it, can't afford to replace entire deck.

Where it's coming apart.

Broken cement footing.

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  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 26, 2018

    Yikes, that looks dangerous..... is that beam on the right being held up by a piece of twine? I would get a handyman who knows framing to fix that and make sure he uses screws.... not nails.

    • Cora Cora on Aug 26, 2018

      That is just a zip tie to hold gate post straight while the cement was settling for it. We just never cut it off.

  • Seth Seth on Aug 27, 2018


    You are going to have to borrow or rent house jacks to support the corner of the deck where that footing is. You will need posts or 2x4's nailed together to use with the jacks to take the weight off that post. Then you need to dig around the footing to remove and replace it.

  • Patricia Patricia on Aug 27, 2018

    I agree you need to apply a jack to work with that corner. You can then use a diamond pier (easy to install; a bit expensive but you only need one). Cut the post to fit the Diamond Pier and the post holder (that you need to put on top of the footing).

    As far as the upper part where the deck is coming apart, you will need to probably use brackets to hold it square (home improvement stores have these items). Make sure you use decking screws, and structural screws that can handle the shear force of the weight of the deck and people.

    I would check the beam next to the house and see how it was attached. You may need to use something like tapcons to reinforce the attachment (unless it was bolted on securely). I would also check each post and reinforce those connections (based on the photo it seems they were not attached correctly).

  • Sandy Grimes Sandy Grimes on Aug 27, 2018

    Sorry, that's a lost cause Not sure what's going on here...looks like Jenga to me.