How to Repair a concrete driveway?

The driveway was poured last year (Feb. 2017) and in Jan. Of 2018 we noticed on two of the large squares (approx. 10’ by 10’) we noticed spots were deterioratping, cracking or bubbling up. Just the surface of the concrete And only a small section of the square (approx. 3’ by 3’). I was told the contractor had fiber added to the concrete to prevent cracks. The contractor knows and wants to try “something” to remedy the situation. So far he has not done anything, I do think he eventually will. He is waiting to test a cover treatment. I wonder if the mason left or added water to these areas as he was finishing, if this was the reason for failure? Do yo guys have any suggestions on what I could do?
Thanks, Jim Booth
Florence, SC

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