How do I repair the leak in my storage shed?

Kate Pigula
by Kate Pigula

My storage shed leaks along the bottom where wall meets the floor. Can I calk it from inside or outside? Can't tell where it is coming in. I don't know if its from the roof or the outside near the floor.

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  • Mainiebets Mainiebets on Dec 06, 2018

    Hi Kate

    First I would walk around the shed looking closely at where the ground meets the base of the shed. Is it concrete or soil? Are there areas where you see rain erosion? Feel the base of the shed for dampness. Once you’ve determined the source you can get to work. You may need to install gutters and downspouts. If your shed is on a gravel base you may need to grade the soil away from the base. If your shed is on a concrete slab you may need to dig a trench around the base and add gravel...sort of a french drain. It will also help to paint the inside of your shed’s floor and about 3 feet up the walls with a good waterproofing product like DRYLOCK. Here’s a link so you can learn more

    Water always finds a way.

    Good luck!

    • Kate Pigula Kate Pigula on Dec 06, 2018

      Hi Thanks for answering .My shed is vinyl. It sits up off the ground on huge concrete blocks. The floor is thick wood like paneling.I'm thinking it might possibly be coming from the edge of the roof in between the walls.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 06, 2018

    Grab a helper and a garden hose. Check the roof and see if that's the issue. Once that's determined, proceed. If the issue isn't the roof, I think the advice above is perfect.

    Caulk can be applied either side of the shed but make sure you use exterior caulk.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Dec 06, 2018

    If your roof has an overhang, it is probably coming in from the bottom of the walls, not the roof. But gutters ARE a good idea!

    Our large shed sits on a concrete foundation. It leaked quite a bit until my husband realized that the contractor (never go with the minimum price!) used poor quality concrete and didn't level it properly. Hubby used concrete patch to bring the floor to level and once that was dry, caulked the perimeter on the inside. Now, we only get the occasional puddle when it rains sideways and it comes in under the door. (We live in tornado alley where the wind hits 60+ mph.) Hope that helps!