Does anyone have a recommendation for a good weather sealant?


I just bought a fountain made of Chinese fir. It will be exposed to full sun, rain, etc.

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  • William William on Jan 22, 2019

    Helmsman Spar Urethane. Used on wooden boats.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jan 22, 2019

    Scotch gard works well I sprayed a flag 14 years ago and it looks like new

  • Nancy Nancy on Jan 23, 2019

    Thank you

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 28, 2019

    Hi Nancy: You can use a water based sealer and put on a few 'thin' coats. I use Thompson's Water seal, it's a water based sealer. It says to put on a thin coat, and they mean it:) Apply it with a paint pad, brush, sprayer, or roller. If you put on a thick coat, it won't dry and will be sticky forever and collect dust and debris! So, a thin coat, and let it dry. It should dry to the touch in 2 hours, and you can put on a second coat. It should dry in the 2 hours, depending on the substrate, temperature, and humidity. Then sprinkle some water on the piece and see if the water beads up. If not, then use another coat. I always use 2 coats. Good luck