What is best leaf guard system to add to existing gutters?

E.C. P
by E.C. P
How does the efficiency of do-it-yourself gutter guards compare with professionally installed systems such as Gutter Guard, Leaf Filter, etc.? What is the best Do-it-yourself product?
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  • I just ripped out a gutter guard system that connected to the front edge of the gutter and hinged back onto the roof. Not sure name, but I think owner got this one at HD or one of those stores. The gutters were plugged solid. The wire mesh allowed leaves and debris to run under the part that rested on the roof. And because the ladder needed to rest against the gutter I could not access the inside as the ladder kept the screen from opening. So I went on roof and pulled them all off. Gutter helmet is a large gutter cover company in our area. Lifetime warranty on keeping leaves and debris out of gutter. Issue with those is that during a hard rain, the water running down roof is so heavy it does not pull all the roof water into the gutter, thus lots of falling water against foundation of house. As far as a DIY product. Have not found one that I like. All have issues.
  • Rhonda B Rhonda B on Jun 20, 2014
    I agree with Woodbridge-I have gutter guards and still have to remove them to clean every year. I am trying to figure out exactly what the do since my gutters still plug up!
  • Tom Kahn Tom Kahn on May 07, 2015
    Mastershield gutter guards are amazing. They use a micro-filtration system. Here is a little more information on them. http://www.mastershield.com/why-us-mastershield-gutter-protection/