Capping off water to a tub....

I' m removing a tub in the master bathroom,it's wasted space. How do I can cap off the hot and cold water? There is no off/on switch, per say

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 30, 2017
    There should be a shut off to the water supply in case of leaks or changing hardware.

  • Sis15104622 Sis15104622 on Dec 30, 2017
    In the plumbing department, they have caps, you can purchase. They are especially made for this. Home Depot, Lowers, or, Orchard supply. Reminder to turn your water off.

  • Sis15104622 Sis15104622 on Dec 30, 2017
    There's a place in the front of your house, where the water comes in from the street. There's a turn off valve. This will turn off all the water. Toilets, Etc. etc. Or, you can turn ioff the water at the street. There is a lid, near the curb. Marked water. I used a wrench and screwdriver. After I did this, I found out they have a tool for that. Who knew, not me. You go girl . If I could do this, so can you!!! Rae 😊