Clogged fountain

Kay Jones
by Kay Jones
I have a tabletop fountain with "flowers" that spill water onto "leaves". One of the flowers is not spilling the water. I have tried wire to run through it but it is still clogged. The wire goes down to the base so the clog is in the narrowest part. The fountain has lots of copper elements so I hesitate using things like vinegar or baking soda. Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Bcfatbroad Bcfatbroad on Mar 24, 2018

    If new it maybe a flaw in design. If it was working you may have to take apart. And clean. HINT IF you have to take apart TAKE PICTURES of every step so you can reasemble it just look at pictures in reverse order

    • Kay Jones Kay Jones on Mar 24, 2018

      I'll look closely but it seems to be welded or soldered onto the basin part so may not come apart. It came from a craft fair so made a bit differently. Thanks for your suggestion.

    • Kay Jones Kay Jones on Mar 25, 2018

      Thanks for your link. I think the design is my issue since it can't come totally apart. I'm saving the link for a friend with a big fountain in her yard. She's had problems with it and I think this will help her.

  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on Mar 24, 2018

    I like to use the longer crafting pipe cleaners. They bend very easy to make the tightest turns.

    • Kay Jones Kay Jones on Mar 24, 2018

      I'll get the cleaners and try those tomorrow. Thanks for your good suggestion.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Mar 24, 2018

    Can you soak it in vinegar somehow? It works to unclog my shower head - so it could help here.

  • Bcfatbroad Bcfatbroad on Mar 24, 2018

    Ok clearer pic on problem. Now get syringe (like they give you shot no needle on end)drug store or pet vet supples.put little silicone on end let dry make sure you still have hole in end..This is so you do not sctatch flower.fill with water put to flower try to plunge water to see if it will flume object out in reverse through little end.. If fails if you can take motor out. Have someone with an air gun blow air into flower to move blockage..IF YOU LEAVE MOTOR IN YOU MIGHT MESS IT UP then fountain will not work at all.. If fails. try to get person you got it from ... Sorry i can not think any more ideas..just what i would do

  • Christel Christel on Mar 24, 2018

    I would use some CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust) cleaner. Most likely it's a buildup due to hard water.

  • Bcfatbroad Bcfatbroad on Mar 25, 2018

    I think phone ate my reply to you. Ok syringe no needle on end,,pet supply or drug store will have them silicone end so you do not scratch flower.let dry.fill with water. Put to flower plunge water see if that will clear passage,,Maybe air from. Air gun if water does not work. After you take motor out..leaving motor in might ruin it. If not try to get person whom you bought it from to fix ptoblem

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 25, 2018

    Can you put some vinegar in a spray bottle and just spray the end where it should come out?