drip sound coming from pipes after flushing upstairs toilet

by Lisa
Each time the upstairs toilet is flushed, i hear a blip, blip. blip sound from pipes in the ceiling as I sit downstairs. it goes away after approx 1 minute. Is this a leak?? or is it just the sound of water moving thru my pipes?
  3 answers
  • It may not be a drip at all. Not sure how old your home is, however when water runs through pipes the temp change in the pipe from the cold water running through them can make the pipe shrink and in the case of warm water swell. If the pipe is fitted tight through any hole in the flooring or if one of the brackets that supports the pipe has come loose, it can make a ticking sound as though it was dripping. If you had a leak, you would see this occurring fairly fast as a stain on the ceiling or wall. Pay attention to the weather when this occurs. As cold weather and or hot weather can cause all sorts of sounds that you normally do not hear.
  • Lisa Lisa on Feb 08, 2013
    Thank you so much for the response! The house was built in 2004 and utilizes PVC piping i believe. I'm starting to believe that temp change could be the reason bc the other night when i tried to recreate it, I could not hear any noise following flushing the toilet or running the upstairs sink. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!! :)
  • Capernius Capernius on Jan 26, 2016
    I miss Mayland... Used to live in Joppa... Everywhere I went, I saw beautiful scenery... Take care Ms. Lisa. :-)