How can I fix a cracked acrylic bathtub that is leaking?

by IRISHEYES121566

I have an acrylic tub with a crack on bottom which just started leaking. I need a quick fix now to get by. Obviously the new construction install was not level (in 1984) so I thought drilling a hole on the side of the crack and filling with expanding foam (to give support) and than fixing the surface of the crack with J-B Weld Water Weld and maybe Flex Tape to cover that would be okay FOR NOW...this is just temporary as I look for new tub & walls and someone to install. I inheritated this mess and new to home repairs and I only know what I have been researching and I’m a girl so go easy on me if my possible plan is NOT a good idea! Thanks for any feedback!

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  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Jul 21, 2019

    It sounds like you have a good plan for dealing with the situation. If you keep thinking like this you’ll do great with home repairs.

  • William William on Jul 21, 2019

    You have the right idea. Use the spray foam. JB Weld epoxy putty may work. You would need to lightly sand the surface to remove the gloss. Feather the edges of the putty. Any flexing it may crack and flake off. Instead of Flex Tape use Gorilla Crystal Clear tape. Thicker, stickier, and cheaper.

    • IRISHEYES121566 IRISHEYES121566 on Jul 21, 2019

      Hmm...I read what people had to say about the Gorilla Glue tape, several said it didn’t live up to its claims and a waste of money so that’s why I bought the Flex Tape.

  • John Biermacher John Biermacher on Jul 21, 2019

    As long as it is temporary, I think your approach should work.

    I hope you are right that the leaking hasn't been going on for a long time and deteriorated the floor beneath the tub. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

    Good luck

    • IRISHEYES121566 IRISHEYES121566 on Jul 21, 2019

      Thanks...I hope so too. They would have made me aware if it’s been leaking especially being the condo below me just did a whole complete renovation seven months ago. The owner left a note on my door the other night.

  • Dee Dee on Jul 21, 2019

    Try Water Weld (made by JB Weld) to seal the crack. Worked for me on a dishwasher. Most homedepot, Lowes or hardware stores should have it

  • James Baker James Baker on Jul 07, 2020

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