How can I keep water from going out of the shower?

I live in a single wide mobile home. My bathtub does not have a shower door on it, so I have to use shower curtains. My problem though is that whenever I am taking a shower, the water always ends up on the wall and floor from the sides of the tub, because there isn't anything there to stop it. I know you can buy things to help with it, but I am really hoping a DIY-er here has a homemade fix for it

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jul 06, 2018
    Hi Michelle: You can try putting some stick on hooks on your wall, maybe about 4 or 5 a side and about 4" into the tub area, and sew some loops onto your shower curtain then just loop your curtain loops to the hooks. You really don't need a plastic shower curtain, I have a regular curtain in my shower, it's wider than a regular shower curtain, if your's isn't wide enough. The water doesn't go right onto the curtain, but sort of slides off. Be sure your curtain is on the inside of the tub when you are showering. Good luck, I know that this is really annoying, but on the bright side, your floor is always clean:)

  • Betty Betty on Jul 06, 2018
    Buy a shower curtain with magnetic at the bottom .they sell at Wal-Mart or dollar store .look on the package for the ones with magnets .I buy them .they work .

  • Michelle Lawson Michelle Lawson on Jul 06, 2018
    Genius idea! I knew someone would have an answer!

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Jul 07, 2018

    Quite honestly all you have to do is make a slight curve at each end of the know, just follow the shape of the tub. That's all it takes.

  • Michelle Lawson Michelle Lawson on Jul 09, 2018

    Thank you all for your quick-fixes!