How do I get a rat out of my house?

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  • Kate Kate on Oct 25, 2019

    divorce him.

    Seriously, you can rent/borrow/buy a have-a-heart trap. Bait it and catch it, release far away.

    Call a professional

    Get a cat, or a terrier to scare it away or kill it for you.

    If it is in the walls, the pro might be the way to go, they can seal up the entrance so no more come in.

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    • Allison Allison on Oct 25, 2019

      They do make extra small havaheart traps for rats, mice and the like. I agree that glue traps are beyond cruel and poison makes them bleed out, takes days of suffering for them to die.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 25, 2019

    Sticky pads to catch them. A great item is peppermint & cinnamon oil spray. Saturate a cotton ball and place them around. Spray all around weekly.