How do you stop a leaking bathroom faucet?

I can't figure out how to open it up to replace the washers.

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  • Meblan Meblan on Dec 29, 2017
    Google it and the likes of a site will show you how. That's how we successfully replaced a washer for the water faucet in our bathroom.

  • I have old fashioned faucets - mine unscrew at the spout. Google your faucet manufacturer and check out their site or You Tube.

  • Darlyne Hayes Darlyne Hayes on Dec 29, 2017
    Google the make of faucet. You might find YouTube videos to showing how to replace washers in leaky faucets. If it’s really old, it may be beyond repair and a replacement is in order. There’s videos on replacing a kitchen faucet on YouTube as well. Do your research, and conquer. Remember to turn the water off under the sink (hot and cold shut offs) before unscrewing anything up top to repair or replace.