Kitchen sprayer problem

I replaced my kitchen sprayer and it was easy...too easy. Now it has a very weak spray and it sounds like there's air in the line. When I press the sprayer trigger, the faucet continues to run, instead of all the water being directed to the sprayer. Any ideas or suggestions?
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  • Patricia W Patricia W on Sep 10, 2013
    You could have a blocked screen in your sprayer. Alot of times pipes get build up in them. You may have dislodged some calcium or rust, anything in the pipes and it headed into the pipe that goes to your hose. I would see if there is any bits in it. Hope this helps.

  • Matina V Matina V on Sep 10, 2013
    Thanks for the answer, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.

  • Dee Dee on Sep 11, 2013
    wish I knew the answer to that too.i have the same problem. I think it has something to do with the diverted.

  • Matina V Matina V on Sep 11, 2013
    I've heard that about the diverter but I don't know what it is and so far the internet hasn't helped much! I feel like calling a plumber for such a small thing would be silly but I might just have to.

  • Becky P Becky P on Sep 11, 2013
    you probably need to replace the diverter. It is pretty easy to replace. Most faucets come with a warranty, I would call them and see if they will replace the part. I have gotten all sorts of parts for the cost of about $5 shipping for my Price Pfister. Even a new sprayer!

  • Plumbrite Plumbrite on Sep 12, 2013
    it sounds the diverter is the problem. It is most likley under the spout, yuo will need to remove the handle the retaining nut,(just like if you are replacing the cartridge) and the you will be able to lift off the spout, and the diverter will be on the brass body.

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    • Matina V Matina V on Sep 16, 2013
      @Plumbrite Thanks for your help, I'm going to try to get to it this week and I'll post on my success! Failure is not an option....

  • Leona G Leona G on Sep 12, 2013
    You could go to one of the big box stores and talk to the people in the plumbing dept. I have the staff at the stores to be very helpful.

    • Matina V Matina V on Sep 13, 2013
      @Leona G I've found the big box stores to be hit or miss in their knowledge but the smaller neighborhood stores (if you can find one) may be better. I'll give it a shot though, thanks.

  • I think you should check the mesh inside the sprayer, which sprays the water it might have blocked because same situation i faced recently... Dear Matina check it once !

    • Matina V Matina V on Sep 13, 2013
      @Window Replacement Orange County I'll try that first, then if it's not that I'll try the diverter (if I can figure out what it looks like!) then as a last resort I'll call a plumber!

  • Tabby Tabby on Sep 12, 2013
    @Matina V if the faucet continues to run as same time, it is definitely the diverter. Check or for videos on how to replace. You can do it yourself. (turn off water at valve under the sink first haha) I find small local 'mom & pop owned' hardware stores to have more knowledgeable people than the big-box ones that hire college students.

    • Matina V Matina V on Sep 13, 2013
      @Tabby That's what I've found too. Some of the big box store people are very knowledgeable about certain departments but finding the right person who knows about info in the aisle you are standing in is very rare!

  • Gail lichtsinn Gail lichtsinn on Sep 13, 2013
    The diverter diverts water into your hose sprayer when you push the spray lever..It probably is the diverter..Go to lowes etc and ask in the plumbing dept..Hope for the head of the department because they usually know as oppossed to some of the young kids who work there on week ends..

  • Matina V Matina V on Sep 16, 2013
    thank you. I will post again when I fix it. I thought I'd get to it this weekend but there was a truck to work on!