My new faucet has a knocking sound when I turn the water on.

I'm pretty sure that the sound is coming from the faucet not the pipes. Whats going on, do I need to call the plumber back to fix it?
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  • I guess the key words here are "new faucet", and "call back". Yes, I would suggest you call the plumber back and have them repair. I am surprised they did not test this before completion.

  • Michelle M Michelle M on Dec 15, 2011
    You're right, he should have tested it. Thanks!

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 16, 2011
    A lot of times this "hammer" can be due to flow issues. I would pull the aerator off and check for debris and then check to see that the supply valves are fully open. Run the faucet full on full for a bit with the aerator removed then re-install. If that does not fix it up the installer and have them perform some additional trouble shooting.

  • Yes, call the plumber. If they have any sort of pride in their work then they should come out and fix things for you free of charge (as it should not have been a problem in the first place). I'd do that before trying to repair it myself.

  • Tieger plumbing Tieger plumbing on Dec 16, 2011
    Sounds like a loose washer pr possibly a bib screw from the old faucet may have went down the supply piping

  • I agree with Dan on this. Its I am sure something simple, but that is what you paid the plumber to do fix your faucet. Call him back and get it fixed. On some lower cost faucets they tend to have issues with homes with higher then normal water pressure. They tend to vibrate a bit and make all sorts of noise when turning them off as the seal used to shut water off is not quite as well made as the higher priced models. But it can be lots of things. Even if the water shut off is not all the way on under the faucet can cause strange noises. Let us know what you end up doing and what it was that caused this.