New pipes on a house how long till I can drink

For our 100 yr old renovation our builder just installed all new pipes into our house from the street. How long do we need to run the water before we can drink it and get rid of this glue smell? Anything else we need to look for?
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 26, 2012 Curious why they used plastic pipe and not copper?

  • cheaper & faster! Alot of folks in our market are using the pex piping systems...especially the new builders. Did you install pvc, cpvc or pex piping? PVC will have the "plastic" taste a bit longer than the others...pvc & cpvc will carry the taste for a few months. I think it's a combination of the materials in the piping combined with the solvents used to put them together. Pex piping doesn't have the solvent joints so the taste goes away faster. You can try installing a water filter...which is a good idea if you are in fulton county!

  • Assuming they used PVC piping that was approved by the local code office, the smell and taste should go away pretty fast. If the plastic odor lingers for some time, you used the wrong type of plastic piping in the home. PEX is going to be the thing everyone uses as copper becomes more and more expensive and harder to get. Proper domestic PEX tubing leaves no odor or taste within one or two hours of use.