Our Water Softener

OK, so our water softener has not been working. It is 20 years old but has not been used for awhile. My question, is it still good, and who fixes those things? We called a plumber but they don't know. HELP!
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  • Generally, water softeners last about 12 - 15 years (20 is definitely a stretch). A master plumber would be the one to call but you would probably have to replace it and not repair. I don't know what area you live in but it might make sense to talk to someone at Lowe's, Home Depot or other appliance seller.

  • Here water softening systems are performed by a monthly service. I would try to find the local services in your area to see what they can do for you and / or contact the manufacturer / distributor of the system in your home. They should tell you what steps to take. All Google searches. If you need help Googling, let us know!

  • Elaine Elaine on Jun 09, 2017
    I had a problem with my Culligan water softener (10 years old) so I called their Service Department. Within two days, they came to the house, replaced a defective part and were done in less than 45 minutes. If the manufacturer of your softener is still in business, give them a call. I once lived in an area that is well known for the "worst hard water" (in my particular province) so I desperately needed to have the softener repaired asap!!! By the way, my bill was less than $100.

  • Alton F Bell Alton F Bell on Jun 09, 2017
    Water softeners are pretty simple, even 20 years ago the main trouble would be the cycle timer. To determine whether to repair or replace is really a money one. You have the $800 or more then do this rather than mess with an outdated one. If you need one but are short of money then lets have a look at it to see if it is workable. Unplug the unit from the electrical circuit. With a screw driver of the proper tip remove the timer cover. If it is rusty or otherwise looking dirty or smelling like burnt, then you know it is not worth it. Look for other signs it may be defective cracks in a walk around it. Is the brine tank leaking, are the bypass valves working. The material in the tank can be replaced and should be every so often. The timer is the main part as it programs when to regenerate the resin. Hard water flows through the resin and into the house, The resin has a negative charge which attracts the positively charged minerals in the water replacing with sodium soft water. If your beads are hardened together they may not produce enough negative charges to soften the water, if the timer will not operate the valves and regenerate the resin by back flushing with the brine solution then it has to be replaced. I would put a bag of salt in the brine chamber and change the main valves from bypass, plug it in and give it a try at a medium soft setting. Have it regenerate first, even twice then a normal run. Proof it works then start saving up for a new electronic one.
    Have fun