Asked on Aug 07, 2017

Outdoor faucet leaks inside house when there is back pressure.

Victor Carson
by Victor Carson
If I turn on the facet, it works fine. However, if I connect a water hose and turn the water hose off using the nozzle, water will flow in-between the exterior wall and the interior wall. Water will run under the interior carpet and in-between the exterior siding boards as well.

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  • Patricia Patricia on Aug 07, 2017

    facet needs to be replaced

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Aug 07, 2017

    There is some sort of opening between the faucet and house. Caulk well around faucet on the outside of house and the pipe coming in on the inside of the house.

  • Barbara Towe Barbara Towe on Aug 07, 2017

    You may have a crack in the plumbing behind the wall.

  • Victor Carson Victor Carson on Aug 07, 2017

    That would be my thoughts too Barbara, but why does it only happens when there is back pressure? There are no leaks if I turn the facet off. BTW, the house is only 1 year old... Of course right after the 1 year warranty ends... :-(

  • Yikes! Call a plumber to fix, and at least a handyman to help you determine what damage has occurred and to replace any rotten or moldy areas.

  • Nanci wimpey Nanci wimpey on Aug 07, 2017

    You need to install a "Back Flow Preventor." We had to do that when the county installed some new water lines. A lot of pressure on front line.

  • Ken Ken on Aug 07, 2017

    I am guessing that you have what is referred to as a "frost proof sill cock". Otherwise it would leak in the wall when the water is off too. That is the actual mechanism that stops the water is inside the house while the handle and outlet are outside. This is easy to replace. You just need to shut off the water to the faucet (or likely the whole house), remove any screws holding the faucet to the house, and unscrew the whole thing with the help of a pipe wrench. These come in different lengths so you'll need to take the current one with you to the hardware store. The long pipe that goes through the wall has split, probably from someone leaving a water filled hose connected during the freezing months.

    • Victor Carson Victor Carson on Aug 07, 2017

      Ok, I'll try this, this coming weekend. I'll keep you posted. This sounds plausible... Thanks!

  • William William on Aug 07, 2017

    If it doesn't leak into the wall without the hose connected. Any chance the rubber washer in the hose connection is worn and a water is leaking into the wall when it's off? Replace the washer and caulk around the faucet where it goes into the exterior wall.

  • Paul Boehme Paul Boehme on Aug 07, 2017

    Either cut off flow to that faucet, or locate the leak. You risk Frame damage! Thatz when it getz Expensive!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 07, 2017

    I would definitely replace the pipe and faucet from inside the house at the shut off valve to turn off the water for the winter all the way out. You could have even a pin hole just behind the faucet. When you attach a hose it creates back pressure which is probably why that is the only time it leaks. I live in a 63 yr old house and have been replacing lots of pipes in the last three years. Lived in a house before that was about 110 years old and was always having to repair pipes.

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 08, 2017

      Age of the house doesn't really mean anything when it comes to water pipes. It may have had a weakness in the pipe that is just showing up, or it is possible a little water could have froze in the pipe, anything could have happened.

  • Betty Betty on May 12, 2021

    Did the suggestion from Ken work? I have this issue as well.

  • Tyrone Newell Tyrone Newell on Jun 10, 2021

    Hello Victor, just curious, what was your final resolution on this issue as we're experiencing the same? icon