How do I fix a toilet that sometimes flushes itself?


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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Dec 26, 2018

    Mms,. I never herd of such a thing at home, but they have these in public bathrooms. Yes, as soon as you get up the motion sensor flushes by itself. Aloha!

  • Jacx Jacx on Dec 26, 2018

    It has a slow leak in the flapper valve. Take pictures, go to a good store that can help you get a new on. Turn off water to replace. I do warn you that shut off valves get frozen! Whole nother problem!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Dec 26, 2018


    Can you explain how your toilet flushes itself, I am sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I just cannot imagine how that happens to a standard house toilet.

  • Dad34016967 Dad34016967 on Dec 26, 2018

    get in a ghost buster lol

  • Wanda Wanda on Dec 26, 2018

    Jacx has the correct answer. The flapper needs replaced. Water leaks until it gets low enough to trigger the flush then refills and starts over.