What can i do if my kitchen sink is stopped up and ont using harsh che

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  • Jean Jean on Mar 04, 2018
    Try plunging it first make sure a large item like a rag hasn't fallen there.
    Then try the baking soda vinegar trick.

  • Renee Brown Renee Brown on Mar 05, 2018
    Dawn will break down food and grease. Use 1 cup dawn with a quart of hot water once the sink is empty. Wait an hour and pour 1 quart very hot water and plunge it. Wait another hour and do the hot water thing again until pipes are open. If acting like it is opening run very hot tap water while plunging. Then let the hot water run 30 minutes to clear all the lines. If after 8 attempts no progress, call the plumber to clean the drain pipes under the house. Should cost less than $100. Don't ever put egg shells down the drain. Clogs badly under the house. (learned from experience)