Whistle in our water pipes

We have a whistle in our water pipes. I flush the toilet a couple of times to get rid of it. Quite ear piercing. Could it be from my husband changing the wax ring or something else?

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  • Jenn Jenn on Jan 01, 2018
    My other half says ,try turning the water pressure down.

  • Jason T. Lee Jason T. Lee on Jan 01, 2018
    if the sound stops after a few flushes the issue is som stuck in the drain pipes. Use a pipe snake to clear out the pipes and you should eliminate the problem.

  • William William on Jan 01, 2018
    Why was the wax ring replaced? Did the whistling start after the wax ring was installed? Definitely not the wax ring.

    Locate the source of the whistling sound. Turn on water faucets, one by one, to try to reproduce the whistle.

    Narrow the source down even more, if the whistling sound is coming from a particular faucet. Listen closely to determine if the whistle is coming from the faucet valve, or the valve beneath. Once you've isolated the source, remove the washer, valve and valve seats. Rinse any grime built up on the components, and replace any corroded parts.


    I am going to assume the the whistling is from the toilet fill valve since it stops after a few flushes. Removing the toilet to replace the wax ring dislodged some sediment in the fill valve creating a restriction that causes the whistling.

    You can replace the fill valve (easiest) or flush it out.

  • Rosie Rosie on Jan 01, 2018
    We had whistles after the water heater was changed. We think it was air in the pipes. The sound disappeared about one month later. Good Luck.