Why is there low water pressure from the kitchen faucet?

Zach Waxer
by Zach Waxer

Not sure what's going on but there's super low water pressure in my kitchen faucet at the moment. The bathroom sink and shower are fine - it's just the kitchen.

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  • Janice Janice on May 25, 2023

    Since the low water pressure is only at your kitchen faucet you may have a clogged aerator. Just unscrew the aerator from the handle and rinse it out well to remove any small particles that may have been caught in the screen and place back onto the handle.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on May 25, 2023

    If you don't want to take it off to clean it: Fill a plastic baggie about 1/4 full of white vinegar and secure it around the nozzle so its completely submerged and leave it to soak for 24 hours.

  • It's probably the aerator. Remove it and give it a scrub with an old toothbrush.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on May 25, 2023

    Remove the aerator and take a look at it, there may be mineral deposits in there, if so, tap them out or use a toothpick to poke them out

    Or put the aerator in vinegar to dissolve the minerals.

    Another thought is the valve under the sink has been adjusted to decrease the flow.

    It also maybe there is something in that valve for in the cold water handle itself, if there are separate handles.

  • William William on May 25, 2023

    I agree. Sounds like a clogged aerator. Unscrew the aerator from the faucet. Probably will see some particles in it. Rinse under water and replace.

  • Dee Dee on May 27, 2023

    Did you check with your water department regarding a pipe leak. I just had low water pressure for about a week. Low and behold there was a pipe leak on the next block.

  • Zach Waxer Zach Waxer on May 28, 2023

    Thanks everyone, it was the aerator, the water pressure has improved

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on May 30, 2023

    Take the screen off the faucet and clean it well. I had a similar issue when they did some work in our neighborhood and it was full of tiny pebbles, smaller than aquarium gravel. No other faucet or fixture had an issue.

  • Definitely the aerator. Low pressure in that one faucet is the key to the diagnosis. If the pressure were low everywhere it would be a different story.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 01, 2023

    The most common causes of low water pressure in a kitchen sink are a clogged aerator or a clogged cartridge.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jun 09, 2023

    Hi Zach, hope this helps you out. You may want to remove the aerator off the faucet and clean it with vinegar


  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 21, 2023

    Hi Zach: Have you tried cleaning the faucet? Put some vinegar in a zip bag and then tie it around the faucet (if the spray thing doesn't come off) so that the vinegar is completely covering the faucet. Leave over night and then use a straight pin or something similar, to clean out the little holes while dipping in the vinegar to clear it out. If the spray thing comes off, just put it in a zip bag with vinegar over night. That should do it.

  • PaulaV PaulaV on Jun 24, 2023

    Try cleaning the nozzle head

  • Aerators and cartridges that are blocked are two of the most typical reasons why a sink has poor water pressure. The cartridge, which is located underneath the sink handle and allows you to start and stop the flow of water, is found next to the aerator at the faucet's tip.

  • ConnorWood ConnorWood on Apr 10, 2024

    Low water pressure in the kitchen faucet can be a real pain. It could be due to a few different reasons. One common cause is a clogged aerator. Try unscrewing the aerator at the end of the faucet and cleaning out any debris that may be blocking the flow of water.Another possibility is a problem with the water supply line leading to the kitchen faucet. Check to see if there are any kinks or obstructions in the line that could be restricting water flow.If you're still having issues, it might be a good idea to call a plumber to take a look. My plumber found me something among Bathroom Taps. Well, they can really add a nice touch.