How can I coat/seal my cat's plastic litter box?

Hi. My cat has been urinating on the sides and corners of her litter box and does not cover it at all. Needless to say urine soaks into the plastic and ruins it. I've thrown away two boxes so far. I just bought new one but wanted to see if there's a way to coat the inside so it makes it easier to scoop out and doesn't soak into plastic as easily. Any help would be appreciated!!

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  • Try using cat box liners. Is the cat box in your home? I don't care if mine urinate on the plastic, I just wash them out and be done with it, but mine are in the garage. You might try a metal litter box instead.

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    • Yes, I understand, the liners don't work for me either. I have 6 cats, so I feel your pain. Lynn has some awesome ideas for you. Hopefully one of those will work. 🌞

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jan 07, 2019

    Get her a bigger box so she can squat inside it easily she needs wider bigger box. Use a cement mixing tub from Lowes Or Home Depot they come in 2 different sizes,they are wide,blk,heavy duty vinyl/plastic material,easy to clean & scoop. Clean box daily. Wash out weekly with vinegar to cut smell in plastic( don't use cleaners with ammonia that adds to ammonia in cat pee),add layer of baking soda in bottom of box before you add litter.Some cats do not want to step in soiled litter to go back in box so maybe she is trying to avoid what is already in box, a wider/bigger box will give her more room to find good clean spot to go. Some cats don't want to pee in same box they poop in. I have a cat that actually balances on edges of box while going instead of stepping in the litter.

  • Sandyb Sandyb on Jan 07, 2019

    Hi, thank you for your comments. The boxes I get her are the biggest and widest that fit in my small bathroom. You have a lot of ideas so I may try a few to help the new pan I just bought, thanks.