How can I separate these stainless steel pots?


Put Stainless Steel top Strainer pot in sink to wash didn't realize that bottom was on top now can't get apart it's been about a week. Does anyone have suggestions?

q metal pots

don't want break handles. Thank You!

q metal pots

HELP Please?

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  • try some oil to see if you can loosen them. Or maybe put it in a sink with hot water.

    • Twiggy Twiggy on Dec 13, 2019

      I tried this & let it soak for a little bit & it worked Thank You!!!

  • Robin Robin on Dec 09, 2019

    Heat bottem pan briefly on stove and quickly separate before top pan expands too! Might work!

  • William William on Dec 09, 2019

    Spray some WD40 along the seams and let it soak in. Place ice cubes in the top pan and submerge the bottom pan in hot water.

  • Hi, Twiggy!

    If you have room, put them in your freezer. They will contract and should come apart... I hope this helps!

  • Baxter Baxter on Dec 09, 2019

    Place the bottom pan in hot hot water almost to the top. Fill the top pan with ice water. The bottom will expand while the top pan contracts. Should come apart easily. Good luck!

  • Alicia Alicia on Dec 09, 2019

    Set the bottom pan in HOT water. When it has heated, pour ice cubes into the top pan. Likely they will pull apart, then. :)

  • Twiggy Twiggy on Dec 09, 2019

    Thx's for the suggestions I will try them

  • Janice Janice on Dec 10, 2019

    Baxter and Twigg's suggestions are just what I was going to recommend. Bet it will work!

  • Betsy Betsy on Dec 13, 2019

    Hi Twiggy: If you still have stuck pots, I wouldn't use boiling hot water and Ice water as that may cause the pots to bend. Use one or the other, but not both. I'd go with the warm or hot, first. Especially if they are the Revere pots shown, the copper bottoms could fail. Then, I'd try and move them side to side while pulling up on one and down on the other. It may take a whle, but it should work. By the by, you can clean the bottoms of the pots and make them shiny with Barkeepers friend:) Good luck

  • Twiggy Twiggy on Dec 13, 2019

    Yes there still stuck so I will try this suggestion Thank You

  • Twiggy Twiggy on Dec 13, 2019

    Crafty little Gnome: Your suggestion I used Vegetable Oil & let it set for a little bit & then in soaked in very warm water. Betsy: then carefully moved back & forth came apart. Thx You for all your ideas Glad I am on this site.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jan 20, 2020

    Let both pans run under the hot water for about 3 minutes the metel will expand and they will come apart

  • Allan Allan on Mar 20, 2021

    Try to slow heat the bottom one. Either hot water (best) or directly on a low heat element on your stovetop.

  • Joy Rogers Joy Rogers on Mar 20, 2021

    Put ice cubes and ice water in top pot and dip the bottom pan in a frying pan or other large pan full of boiling water. The top pan should lift out easily

  • New50861212 New50861212 on Mar 20, 2021

    Hot water