Use plastic brackets to hold your hangers

Easy closet storage is here, with some L brackets and some nails. Attach and hang! Get tutorial here

Add a vintage look with cast iron brackets

Take pine, stain it, then make it rustic with some cast iron patterned brackets from Hobby Lobby. Get tutorial here

Carve Batman shaped brackets for the kids

Draw your batman shape on a 2x4 and carve it out with scroll saw. Spray paint black and voila! Get tutorial here

Customize brackets with a beloved pattern

Add dragonfly brackets to a slab of sanded juniper to get a natural look. Get tutorial here

Repurpose plumbing fixtures to fit shelves

For extra space in your guest bathroom, glue glass panels to plumbing fixtures for a modern unit. Get tutorial here

Grab L Shaped brackets for a wine rack

Use L Brackets to hold the boards and wine bottles together and keep that custom Z shape. Get tutorial here

Build a drop down bracket shelf

Add gold bracket hinges and a chain to a pallet of wood, and attach it the bottom of your cabinet. Get tutorial here

Make a floating shelf out of books

Glue brackets to the inside of, then attach them to brackets drilled into the wall. So cute. Get tutorial here

Re-bracket an old fan to give it an upgrade

Fan brackets in brass look amazing with new faux wood fan panels. Adhere with a drill and voila! Get tutorial here

Swap plain brackets for scroll shaped ones

Add a touch of vintage chic by adding scroll brackets to a plain plank of wood, then paint white. Get tutorial here

Create a birdbath out of metal brackets

A makeshift water birdbath is possible with just some metal brackets, a cookie tray, a pump, wood & a bucket. Get tutorial here

Build a base for a rustic outdoor barn shelf

Use repurposed items like an old bed frame and vintage brackets to get an eclectic shelf. Get tutorial here

Craft a paper message roll with wood brackets

Use wood brackets, dowels and a rod, stain, and drill the brackets into the wall to mount it. Get tutorial here

Construct a modern shelf with brackets

Make the base of your wood panel, glass walled shelf with brackets that and drywall anchors. Get tutorial here